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There is an Official Edmund Cooper Website, however it is not linked from here because the isp service being used attaches spyware and adverts to the web pages. Some of the adverts attached were not of an acceptable nature. As a consequence, the link has been removed.

Biography Pages

Joe Smith's Biography of Edmund Cooper

Glynis Cooper's contribution to the BBC's "WW2 The People's War"

Brief Biography of Edmund Cooper in Russian - You need to be able to speak Russian - естественно

Wikipedia Entry for Edmund Cooper


Fantastic Fiction's Edmund Cooper Entry

Carnie Pollock's EC site - Will eventually contain reviews of EC's books. A Good Start !

Select bibliography at SciFan

Select Bibliography at Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

Books&Bytes entry for Edmund Cooper they also have a separate entry for Richard Avery


The  "Eternal Night" web page has an Edmund Cooper section with several reviews

Trash Fiction have a review of 'Five to Twelve' together with 'Who Needs Men' and on a separate page, a review of 'Kronk'

Book Collections and Fan Pages

Lional Frebourg's personal EC book collection - please note that this site is only viewable in Microsoft's Internet Explorer

Phil Stephensen-Payne

Stuart Ainslie

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