Notice is hereby given that copyright exists on the cover images depicted on this web site and that the use of images of book covers for profitable purposes is prohibited by law. 

The use of the cover images on this site is made under the permissions defined in UK and international law as 'fair use', and that this site conforms to all the caveats specified in that deffinition, specifically:

  1. This site is non-profit making.

  2. The use of the images is necessary for the purposes of research which concerns the accurate bibliographic referencing and identification of the imprints to which the images relate.

  3. The hosting of the images is purely for the dissemination, without charge, of that research.

  4. The images are significantly degraded so as to not be usable for the purposes of professional print-reproduction.

Under the allowances of 'fair use' it is not necessary to obtain the permission of the rights owner, however, where possible, such permissions have been sought as a matter of courteousness, and where such permissions have been sought, they have been granted.

All attempts have been made to identify the rights owners of the images and obtain the appropriate permissions, however, this has not always been possible. Where intillectual property ownership has not been identified, images have been hosted under the terms of 'fair use' on the assumption that permission will be granted when the owner is traced. 

One exception exists to the obtaining of permission by this site as a matter of courteousness. This concerns one cover which is a composite made by one artist from the work of another artist without the original artist's knowledge. In this case, the permission of the copied artist has been obtained, not the artist who plagiarised  the illustration. The cover illustration pertaining to this exception will not be disclosed.


Please also note that under UK and international copyright law, the title of a book is not subject to copyright legislation and may be freely quoted without reference to the owner of the work. As a consequence, it is not necessary to obtain the permission of the literary estate of Edmund Cooper in order to reproduce these images since the only reference to the content of the work is the title and authorship name, neither of which are covered by Intillectual Rights legislation. Permissions sought therefore are solely for the artistic layers which compose the covers used and not for the works contained therein.

All other images for which copyright exists are reproduced with the permision of the owner.